SINNG is a student Local Action Group based at Cornwall College, Newquay. Launched in 2010, we are working to increase action and awareness on INNS (Invasive Non-Native Species) and reduce the impacts INNS are currently having on native wildlife. Action includes practical fieldwork, research, public engagement and raising awareness. We are mainly student volunteers and are involved in every aspect of the project –

  • Attending biosecurity and identification workshops
  • Clearance and monitoring work
  • Design of logo and website
  • Setting up and managing social media (Facebook, Twitter).

Checking the mink raft







SINNG is co-ordinated by Nicola Morris and involves Cornwall College Newquay staff in many of our actions.

SINNG often work with other organisations including the National Trust, Cornwall Reptile and Amphibian Group and Cornwall Butterfly Conservation. This collaboration allows actions to have a greater impact and sharing of expert knowledge.

Invasive species educational work







SINNG is involved in education and outreach work. We are involving students from the 7 Cornwall College campuses and have an international link through SINNG Helicon in the Netherlands. We are involved with a growing list of schools throughout Cornwall (students are trained STEM ambassadors). SINNG runs workshops to increase understanding of INNS and their impacts. Games and activities are used in a fun and interactive way for a variety of age groups, bringing to life the effects INNS have on native plants and animals.